This repository contains PPAs for Kowainik:

Working with PPAs🔗

This section contains description of the PPA workflow: from installing packages to preparing releases. All examples are given using the hit-on package.

How to install package?🔗

sudo add-apt-repository --update ppa:kowainik/hit-on
sudo apt install hit-on

How to prepare a new version of an existing PPA?🔗

  1. Enter the hit-on directory.
  2. Copy binary of a new version to bin/.
  3. Add new entry in the debian/changelog file. > TODO: probably some other files needs to be changed, to be clarified later
  4. Build package: shell debuild -S
  5. Step directory up.
  6. Upload a new version to PPA using a command like: shell dput ppa:kowainik/hit-on hit-on_0.1.0.0_source.changes