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Who we are

Kowainik is a small team of enthusiasts who use Haskell and other functional technologies to develop more reliable libraries and tools. We enjoy creating our projects, and we want everybody to enjoy using them.

In our team, we have developers with 5+ years of Haskell production experience, people skilled in Elm, Kotlin, PostgreSQL any many other technologies.

What we do

  • Developing and maintaining more than 20 open-source production-level libraries which are used in free and commercial projects
  • Providing Haskell mentorship for beginners
  • Helping with learning materials
  • Consulting about best-practices and Haskell projects architecture



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We are writing about what we find fascinating or exciting. Our blog's aim is to share our knowledge about functional programming, distribute best-practices based on our extensive experience and tell about various topics from beginner-friendly introductions to advanced type-level tricks.

We do our best to keep it up to date with the current state of the Haskell ecosystem.

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Veronika Romashkina, @vrom911

I'm a functional programming enthusiast who puts effort into the growth of the Haskell open source community. I'm genuinely passionate about Haskell and have experience working as a full-stack developer using Haskell, Elm, Python, HTML/CSS, PostgreSQL, MySQL and others. I enjoy exploring new topics and never stop learning and improving my skills.

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