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GitHub application to suggest hints

How to test GitHub application?🔗


  1. smee:
    • npm install --global smee-client
  2. cabal or stack

How to run🔗

  1. Run smee forwarder in a separate terminal window:
    • smee -u "https://smee.io/uTG0BCXnjq4DEff7" -p 8080
  2. Run backend:
    • KEY=<SECRET_KEY> PK_PATH=<PATH_TO_PEM_FILE> cabal new-run hintman -- -p 8080
  3. Open GitHub application and press Configure button to add it to your account:
    • https://github.com/apps/hint-man
  4. After adding access to your personal profile, choose Select repositories repository access and it this application to any of your repositories. After adding the repo to app and saving preferences, you should be able to see the following:
    • Incoming requests in the running backend
    • Terminal with smee shows successfull status codes
    • You can visit smee URL from above to see events there.

Current backend just prints to terminal all incoming requests. GitHub app installation is one of those requests.