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This tool helps managing multiple GitHub repos in the organization or personal accounts by automatically submitting file patches, label and issue updates.


We have the org repository which contains different meta-templates like CONTRIBUTING guide or stylish-haskell configuration. If something changes (typos, format change), it would be much nicer to change in a single place (org repo) and then update all other repositories automatically. crocodealer is flexible enough, so other organizations or individual users can apply it to support their own workflows in similar manner.


What this tool should do: update all repositories in batches. Typical workflows include:

  1. Create/override same set of labels in all repositories. Same color, same name, same description. This helps with consistency.
  2. Propagate file updates.
  3. Run some checks over all repositories. For example, check whether they all have LICENSE, CONTRIBUTING, README files (etc.).


To start using Crocodealer make sure that you have the following tools installed on your machine:

  • curl – to download files.