Hacktoberfest 2018: Call for participation

Date: October 1, 2018
Author: Kowainik

It’s October already which means that Hacktoberfest is here again! And Kowainik has prepared a list of the beginner-friendly (and not only) issues to work on so you can get your feet wet in contributing to the open-source Haskell projects. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn Haskell in a fun and exciting way, help the ecosystem and win the prizes for yourself! Check out the whole pack of the issues that are ready for grabs:

Why might you be interested?🔗

You might ask why to participate in this event and why to sweat on the issues in our organisation? Here are several reasons for you to do so:

  1. In Kowainik we offer the Haskell mentorship to all people willing to learn Haskell. So you can explore some Haskell by working on the real-life projects that we’re using in production.
  2. We can help you to become a more active user of the open-source community by guiding through the git workflows and supporting in applying the best contributing practices.
  3. You can win a pretty cool T-shirt from the Hacktoberfest organizers.

What you can work on🔗

Below you can find the list of our projects where we offer interesting tasks for every taste or we have issues where we need your help (marked with the Hacktoberfest label):

  1. summoner: The CLI tool that helps to create the completely configured production-ready projects. If you want to create a Haskell project with the properly specified package-metadata, configured Travis CI, cool badges in README and much more, then you can entrust summoner with doing this job for you.

    summoner Hacktoberfest issues

  2. containers-backpack: Backpack implementation of the interfaces for containers. If you want to learn Backpack or get more experience in designing interfaces then you might be interested in solving the issues for this project. To help you start with this we have the Backpack tutorial and the blog post about containers-backpack here.

    containers-backpack Hacktoberfest issues

  3. co-log: The composable and contravariant logging library. We’ve just released the library (see the recent announcement here), but there is no time to rest, we still have a lot of improvements on the mind. You might be interested in this project if you want to learn the Contravariant typeclasses or want to participate in improving the logging framework architecture.

    co-log Hacktoberfest issues

  4. typerep-map: An extremely fast dependent map. Do you want to use the brand new -XQuantifiedConstraints? Or figure out how to use fast mutable arrays in Haskell? Or challenge yourself in writing some benchmarks? In that case the issues in the typerep-map library might be attractive to you! Don’t worry, if the project looks complicated at first, there’s the blog post where we described the details of the implementation.

    typerep-map Hacktoberfest issues

  5. relude: An alternative prelude. If you ever wanted to participate in inventing or improving the standard library then this is your chance!

    relude Hacktoberfest issues

  6. smuggler: Haskell Source Plugin that removes unused imports. Have you ever wanted to implement some programming language tooling that makes the life of every programmer easier? With smuggler you can have a feel of working with GHC as a library.

    smuggler Hacktoberfest issues

  7. tomland: the bidirectional TOML parser. This library offers an opportunity to work on the issues that can help you to learn parser combinators or property-based testing with the hedgehog library. But you also can operate on improving the library’s interface as well.

    tomland Hacktoberfest issues

If we convinced you to take part in this month-long celebration of open source development, feel free to drop a comment under the appealing issue. If you’re not sure, you can also mail us at xrom.xkov@gmail.com and ask any questions.

Good luck and Happy Hacktoberfest!